Taurasi, Feudi Di San Gregorio


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While often referred to as the ‘Pinot Noir of the East’, this Blaufrankisch is full of unique character from Weingutt Nittnaus Kalk & Schiefer. Super on trend with production (ticking all the biodynamic, organic, indigenous grapes… so on and so forth) if that’s what you’re into, this wine has proven a go to for our pairings at Opheem offering character, subtlety and a love for food. Intense ruby in colour with delicate red fruit and a touch of spice. It’s savoury, it’s lively, it’s fruity with dark cherry and plum, elegant tannins and a subtle complexity with a long finish. Perfect.

WINEMAKER : Feudi di Gregorio

REGION : Campania, Italy

GRAPE : Aglianico

VINTAGE : 2018

ABV : 13.5%

The Taurasi DOCG explores the full potential of the Aglianico Italian grape utilising the great mico-climate. To begin, this Taurasi is incredibly dark and intense on the nose, offering up ripe blackberry and cherry, followed by subtle floral notes with further touches of vanilla or nutmeg to follow. The producer, Feudi di San Gregorio have established a really strong reputation for making great Italian wines in a relatively short amount of time since establishing as a partnership of two families dedicated to preserving local traditions and showcasing the best of the local grapes. We have rarely had anything but fantastic wines from Feudi di San Gregorio and it’s always a solid bottle for any of our guests no matter their budget. This example just goes to show you can get a rich, dark, fruity and complex Italian wine without having to stray deep into the wallet. It’s got tonnes to offer as it ages too! But even drinking relatively young will be powerful with a great body, integrated tannins and strong fruit focus.



Feudi Di San Gregorio always seem to find their way into our menus showcasing wines of class and personality as they have established themselves as a great italian producer since the 80’s. Now they win awards consistently and always feature in the top 100 wineries but the foundations are built, in typical Italian style, of protecting tradition and local story ultimately leading a rennaisance of Southern Italian wine production. The grapes for this Taurasi are harvest at optimum maturity and vinified straight away with fermentation and maceration taking place in strictly temperature controlled tanks over 3 weeks before maturing for 18 months in medium toasted French oak before a minimum of 9 months in the bottle.