About Opheem Cellar

We are so happy to finally open a little bit of our cellar to you at home!

At Opheem, we relish the challenge of pairing wines from around the world with the Indian flavour profile.

From the subtle nuances of balancing spice to the challenge of tackling complex depths of flavour, our Sommelier team at Opheem have a great time scouring the world for something different, something that grabs your attention & something that can stand tall next to the incredible dishes on our tasting menu.

Opheem cellar

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Our Journey

Opening in 2018, Opheem is Aktar Islams first solo venture where he strives for to showcase the flavours of the Indian sub-continent in his own unique way, utilising cooking techniques from all over the world, some traditional, and some very modern.

The following year, he received his first Michelin star and has been wowing his guests ever since. Opheem has developed an incredible reputation for invention and building on Aktar’s talent for balancing spice and extracting flavour!

COVID hit shortly after our restaurant was awarded its Michelin Star in October of 2019. Never to sit back and hope for the best, Aktar@Home was born out of necessity to survive the pandemic.

Proving an incredible success, Aktar@Home brought traditional Indian cooking to the homes of people all over the UK by offering cooked and chilled meals with traditional recipes using top quality ingredients of the restaurant but the ease of just reheating at home.
Wine has always been the next target. Our restaurant has been blessed with a great team of people sharing the vision and understanding of Aktar!

To develop and excel, to deliver something unparalleled and to surprise our guests. Led by Stefan Liperowski, the sommelier team are constantly evolving our wine menus to find the perfect wines from around the world that offer incredible value but often something unexpected.

Pairing with Indian food isn’t easy, with a rich complex character, the go to pairings with fish, meat or vegetables are never what you expect. As a result, we take a strong scientific and experienced approach to really get the most out of your wine. The results are always fantastic and when done correctly the pairing can give such exciting results!