Since we established Aktar@Home many years ago, we are very familiar with all potential issues regarding online order and 3rd party delivery. Hopefully the following information may be able to help and with non-perishable items, things should be a lot simpler.

  • When can I expect delivery?

    We are currently forecasting on 2 days packing from our restaurant team so that we can cater both for you and our guests at the restaurant. This will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will be using DHL for delivery in inflatable wine carriers to ensure no matter what punishment they may accidentally receive on their way to you, the wine will remain cosy and well protected.

    The service is on a next day service but depending on location and courier demand, this may extend further and so we try to advise the package will be with you up to 5 working days latest. All tracking information will be sent to you when we pack your box so you can follow on its journey and any concerns, do let us know!

  • What happens if there is a delay in delivery?

    We try to suggest allowing up to 5 days for delivery in general. The actual delivery is for next day but our experience with couriers is to prepare for the worst.
    Luckily, as opposed to our food service, these goods are not perishable so will not be disposed of. If lost or broken, we will just ask for proof and to confirm with DHL before being able to replace the item/s if necessary or appropriate.

  • What should I do if the wine is corked?

    While unlikely there is sadly a risk of taint in wines in general. Sadly, this is on the risk of purchase but if the rare occasion this is the case we will try to investigate on a batch and liaise with our suppliers to find a solution if possible.

  • Do you ship abroad?

    Sadly, the United Kingdom is our limit at the moment. But please enquire and our team will see if there are cost effective options for you.

  • How do we choose our wines?

    Our sommelier team are always on the hunt with our suppliers for something amazing. The wine list at Opheem is crafted with a view of wines that will always surprise with quality or character and we are never shy of adding new listings when something great appears.
    For Opheem Cellar, we try to add some variety and pick our favourites that are either working well with the tasting menus at Opheem or have something we absolutely love.

  • When does the selection change?

    At the moment, we are working on a monthly rotation of different wines for different styles. We have views to add new elements with sparkling and dessert at the moment and even the capacity to list more but we want to showcase our favourites within a sty

  • How do I know what to pair with what?

    Every package will have a bespoke bit of advice from our team on why specifically we like to work with a particular wine. We want this venture to be as though you are a guest within the restaurant and the conversation is open.
    So whether you need or want the information, we will hopefully be showing you what to look for in particular to get the best out of each bottle.